Mycosm Studio Features

User experience

User experience

Elegant interface

Simple, uncluttered interface that helps your creative process rather than get in the way.

Easy to use tools

Familiar tools for experienced 3D developers, approachable for newcomers.

Rapid workflow

Rapid workflow for taking content from 3D modelling packages such as 3ds Max™ and Maya™ into a real time environment.

Rendering engine

Rendering engine

High quality real time rendering

High-fidelity, high-performance, proprietary rendering engine

Lights and shadows

Multiple real time light sources with shadows


Game-standard effects such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting and other post processing effects

Texture mapping

Support for normal, specular and environment mapping



Brushes and layers

Brush-based sculpting and painting tools with fine control over meshing and texture layering

Geometry and data import

TIN based meshing and ortho-photo import allows real-world data to be used

Mycosm is optimised to handle large, complex terrains

Import terrains created with external terrain generation tools such as Bryce™

Assets and content

Assets and content

Broad data type support

Import assets from a wide range of external data types such as models, sounds, videos, images, and scripts.

Share assets

Package and encrypt assets to share with other developers

Update assets on the fly

Seamlessly update assets from the original source files without reimporting



Trees and plants

Import Speedtree® trees, plants and other vegetation into your environments.


Integrated FMOD® sound engine supports volume, surround sound panning, Doppler and other DSP effects

Particle systems

Import Fork Particle™ effects such as smoke, fire, rain, snow and explosions. Mycosm Studio comes with a set of effects to get you started.

Sky and clouds

Integrated SilverLining™ real time skies with volumetric clouds.

Speedtree Speedtree Speedtree Speedtree



Control your environment

Powerful Python™ scripting that is easy to learn and gives you control over every aspect of your environment

Animation and interaction

Use script to animate your environment or interact with external data or applications

Script editor

Built-in editor provides syntax highlighting and code completion


Enterprise functionality

Enterprise functionality

External data source interchange

Mycosm uses XML for data interchange and interoperability with external data sources and applications

Open API

Our open API allows integration with a broad range of back-end systems

Application and UI customization

Custom application development including Mycosm Player branding and aesthetics

Publishing to Mycosm Player


Single file output

Environments built with Mycosm Studio are published as single encrypted files to run in Mycosm Player

Free, distributable player

Mycosm Player is a small, free download allowing anyone to experience a Mycosm environment

Mycosm Player has an elegant and functional user interface that won't detract from your environment